A new level
bit-investment.com is a cozy corner in the modern business world, where professionals squeeze out all the juices from cryptocurrency and offer to earn their clients.
bit-investment.com is the company of the future. We introduce and master all modern technologies of earnings. Our philosophy is to benefit from investment projects. bit-investment.com is one of many projects from an experienced team. We are developing our own ICO and are participating in a number of startups. Employees of our investment platform of the future sell cryptocurrencies not only at Forex, but also at BL Blockchainchain, Crowdfunding and other platforms. Our clients are confident that we set only maximum goals and are confidently moving towards their achievement.
  • Confidentiality
    The data of all our clients are securely classified with modern security protocols. We use confidential cryptocurrency.
  • Lightning speed
    One click on withdrawal and your request is automatically sent to the queue. Handle request processed.
  • Range of fares
    Clients of our company have the opportunity to choose a convenient tariff proposal based on three tariff plans.
bit-investment.com purse
bit-investment.com is a startup with a future, so we decided to develop our own wallet. This will preserve the stability of the system, security and independence. Thanks to our own development, we will not depend on Bitcoin and its course. We will eliminate delays, and the network fee will be adequate. For Cryptocoin our project is characterized by the following key points:
  • Openness. We do not plan to encrypt the source code, it will be open to all comers.
  • The wallet will work seamlessly with all operating systems.
  • Secure control of all user keys.
  • Backup function so that under any circumstances the user has access to the data.
At the moment we are actively conducting preliminary tests. Official testing will begin in the middle of 2019.
Certified company
bit-investment.com is an officially registered company. The legal action of our company is subject to the laws of the United Kingdom. This is evidenced by the authentic certificate, a copy of which you can see below. Physically, we are also in the UK.
bit-investment.com Coin LIMITED
Company number: #11962534
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  • Trading on the stock exchanges cryptocurrency and Forex.
  • Receiving dividends from trading.
  • Payment of interest to investors as a result of the auction.
  • Paying staff for work.
  • Increase project support.
Ourinvestment plans
bit-investment.com is officially registered company,
working with CO
  • Start
    From 50$ to 999$
    24 hours withdrawal
    Deposit included in payments
    Make deposit
  • Standard
    From 1,000$ to 4,999$
    24 hours withdrawal
    Deposit included in payments
    Make deposit
  • Premium
    From 5000$ to 14,999$
    48 hours withdrawal
    Deposit included in payments
    Make deposit
  • VIP
    From 15,000$ to Unlimited
    3 days withdrawal
    Deposit included in payments
    Make deposit
FAQAnswers and Questions
  • General
  • Investment
  • Withdrawal
    of funds
  • Referral
    • How to become an investor?
      Register on our project and make your first deposit.
    • How can I make money on your project?
      You have three options for profit from our project. You can start investing in one of our tariff plans. Get dividends from the referral program. Earn on our bounty program.
    • What does your company do?
      First of all, we invest in cryptocurrency. We sell more expensive and buy cheaper. Thus, making a profit. We run our own ICO. Soon there will be its own cryptocurrency.
    • What is a bounty program, and how to make money on it?
      A bounty program is a system of rewards for advertising our product on social networks, Telegram channels, youtube, and other Internet resources.
    • How is the turnover of the structure calculated for the bounty program?
      The turnover of the structure is the total amount of investments of your partners at all levels.
    • How many levels of open affiliate program are there?
      There are 5 levels of affiliate program. Please read info on our website.
    • Do you have other projects besides bit-investment.com?
      bit-investment.com is just one of our startups. Soon we plan to participate in many modern projects.
    • Where are you at?
      Our office is located in the UK. Here we have been registered and received a certificate of quality.
    • How safe is it to work with bit-investment.com?
      We use the latest security systems and we can guarantee full legal and technical security. We store personal data in the strictest confidence.
    • Do you plan to create your own cryptocurrency?
      Stable own cryptocurrency is one of the main priorities.
    • How much money can I invest?
      We have different tariff plans. You can start at $ 25 and stop at $ 499999.
    • Is it possible to lose money and be left with nothing?
      Investment is income, with increased risk.But our company employs professionals who clearly follow earnings programs, which minimize the possibility of losing money in the long run.
    • Can I re-invest the income received in the system?
      Yes! Do not withdraw money, but invest it in a new investment.
    • For how many tariff plans can I make deposits?
      All tariff plans are available for simultaneous investment.
    • What types of investment plans do you have?
      Our company has divided investments into two branches: common currency and cryptocurrency.
    • In which plan can I invest dollars, rubles in euros?
      For investment of this currency in our project, we have developed four tariff plans: Start, Standard, Premium, VIP.
    • What is the difference between tariff plans?
      Tariff plans differ in term of deposit, percentage, minimum and maximum amount. Start - 365 days, 0.6% per day, deposit range - $ 25-$ 499. Standard - 250 days, 0.9% per day, the deposit range - $ 500 -2999 $. Premium - 200 days, 1.2% per day, deposit range - $ 3000-$ 49999. The start is 120 days, 2% per day, the deposit range is $ 50000-$ 499999.
    • What are the tariffs for investing cryptocurrency?
      Cryptocurrency is accepted only on cryptoplans: BitStart, BitStandard, BitPremium, BitVIP.
    • What is the difference between standard and crypto plans?
      Tariff plans differ in term of deposit, percentage, minimum and maximum amount.
    • How is the turnover calculated for the cryptoplane?
      Calculation of turnovers for a crypto plan is made on the basis of the current at the moment dollar rate. For example, the rate of 3300 dollars for 1 bitcoin. If my referral has deposited 1 btc, then I will receive 3300 dollars in turnover.
    • What are some ways you can get money earned?
      Our company cooperates with the largest payment systems, so you can choose the most convenient of the following: PerfectMoney, Payeer USD, Payeer RUB , Payeer EUR , YandexMoney RUB , BankCard RUB , Bitcoin , Litecoin , Ethereum, Ripple, Advanced Cash USD, Advanced Cash RUB).
    • How much will I have to wait for withdrawal?
      Withdrawal occurs from 3 minutes to 3 days. Delay can only be associated with the queue.
    • What type of payment processing do you use?
      We check requests and confirm them manually.
    • How much money can I request for payment?
      You are free to submit a request for any amount starting from 1 dollar.
    • What cryptocurrency can I deposit?
      Our company works with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple.
    • Through which payment systems can you make an investment in dollars?
      We accept USD from PerfectMoney, Payeer, and Advanced Cash.
    • Through which payment systems can you make an investment in rubles?
      We accept RUB from Payeer, YandexMoney, Advanced Cash, Bank Cards.
    • Through which payment systems can you make an investment in euros?
      We accept EUR from Payeer.
    • How is the payout process?
      The investor reserves the amount for withdrawal, set address of the wallet in account settings, the financial department checks and sends the transfer.
    • Who is involved in the payment of funds?
      The processing, checking and transfer of funds to investors wallets is handled by a special financial department created specifically for such purposes.
    • What is your referral program?
      We offer our clients referral programs from deposit, income, and career growth.
    • Can I work with referral program without investing?
      Of course, our clients have such an opportunity. To get more income, study our referral offers.
    • What is the difference between the referral program from the deposit and income?
      These are two programs that can make a profit together. First, you receive income from investments made, attracted investors. And in the future you will receive a profit from the income of your referrals.
    • What is career growth and how to make money with it?
      Career growth is a system of incentives bonuses for the fulfillment of specified conditions. The higher the turnover and personal contribution, the more bonuses you can get. At the lowest status, the bonus is $ 250, and at the highest - $ 15,000.
    • How much can you earn on referral programs?
      A clear schedule with percentages of income, deposit and career growth is shown on the main page of the site. There you can find out the number of levels of the referral program for different deposits.
    • How many account career levels are there?
      Our company offers four personal statuses: manager, representative, director and member of the board of the company.
    • How to build an account career?
      To reach the maximum level in the career of your account, you need to improve two indicators: personal investment amount and referrals turnover amount.
    • How many levels referral programs have?
      Referral programs from income and deposit have a dynamic interest calculation system, which increases with the turnover of the structure.
    • How the percentage of profits changes on the referral program from income?
      The referral program from the income provides three stages. At first, the turnover of the structure should start at 50 thousand dollars, and the client will receive interest from five levels. On the second turn from 200 thousand dollars, and six levels. On the third level there are seven levels, and the turnover of the structure should be more than 1 million dollars. The percentage of profits varies from 0.5% at the last referral level to 8% at the first.
    • How the percentage of profit changes on the referral program from the deposit?
      The referral program from the deposit has five stages: without turnover of the structure, from $ 10,000, from $ 50,000, from $ 200,000, and from $ 1,000,000. At the first stage there are four levels of referrals (from 1% to 5%). On the second - five levels of referrals (from 1% to 6). The third - six levels of referrals (from 1% to 7%). In the fourth - seven levels of referrals (from 1% to 8%). On the fifth - eight levels of referrals (from 1% to 9%).
  • Registration of the main company
    in the United Kingdom.
  • Gathering a team
    of employees and developers.
  • Study of the market of cryptocurrency trading, Forex.
    Analysis of investment activities in the cryptocurrency segment.
  • Creating a subsidiary startup bit-investment.com
    and registering in the UK.
  • Development
    of software for the platform.
  • Testing and launching
    an investment platform for investors.
  • Pre-sale ICO,
    for registered customers only.
  • Open sale
    ICO for everyone.
  • Advertising campaign
    to attract more investors.
  • Opening
    of our investment platform.
Bounty program

The bounty program is now available to all bit-investment.com investors . This is a special reward system for advertising our company on the Internet. To register with the Bounty program, it is necessary to deposit a deposit in the system. And it does not matter the term is completed or valid.

Participants receive a reward in the form of bonuses for various tasks. Bonuses are credited to the balance in the currency in which the deposit is opened. The client can withdraw or invest them. The size of the bonuses will differ depending on the complexity of the task.

Our employees are manually engaged in checking completed tasks. This process will take 24 hours, after which the participant will receive money into the account. In order to be aware of the receipt of funds, we advise you to connect the bot in the Telegram to your account in the system. Thus, you can receive other notifications.